thankful reflection

I have forever been told that I remind people of my dad. They say I have traits that are just like him. TO me, yes I have the olive skin tone, brown eyes, and dark hair- but I wonder?

He was the coolest dude in the room. Honestly since he passed, I've only had positive thoughts about him. I can't think of one negative thing, because to me- he was such a loyal stand up guy. He worked his ass off running the beer business, where he employed many of his friends and together they built something solid! He knew how to have fun, and take risks- even if it meant sinking his car to see if it would float.. um... what?! TO make everyone feel included was one of his specialties. Effortlessly giving his free time to build a new athletic field for the good of the community. My dad helped people, because he genuinely wanted to. It was never to get anything back. Forever- Giving. 

As a child, my dad had a separate building on our property that he used to work out of offsite from the company warehouse. He let me set up my own room in the "Office", and he worked in the other room.  I would play "office" including setting up my very own bank. My mom worked in banking for years and I always thought she was so cool, and money bought toys, so of course I had to have a bank. I would "work" aka play, the latest I could, until my parents would have to come get me for bed time. I was 6. I would watch my dad in the other room writing checks, reviewing papers, planning schedules, and the process of expanding a business. This intrigued me. I wanted to do just that. A part of overseeing how the business worked, I picked up my own skills of persuasion. I once convinced my mom to play "restaurant" with me which meant that she had to give me real money in order to get the plastic toy food I served her. Then I would stock the change and become rich. Make the consumer want what you have- get rich.

I have been working in my industry for 11 years now. Grinding, hustling, & running forward. I knew when I was 18 that I wanted to do hair and makeup, that I loved clothes, and I wanted to have my own styling business. Before going to the best cosmetology school, my mom was so generous and also paid for me to go to college.  The first quarter I took two classes that set me up for everything in business life forward- Business Management and Accounting/Stocks. At 30 years old, I have my own company in one of the largest cities in the US. 

I work everyday. No is not an answer if it involves growing or supporting the path of where I want to go. My clients- who are now some of my closest friends always tell me "how hard I work" and I'm a "Go-getter". I know I am a hard worker, and that I am aiming ahead. However, I haven't quite reflected on my reflection of my father.

Tonight I did. I get it now. How I remind people of my dad. It's all of this. Everything that I have built and become is partly because I followed his path. With loyalty, community, knowledge, and love. 

For those that I have encountered in life, you may know how I want everyone to say three things they are thankful for. Anything. This will set your day with good intention in the morning, or allow positive sleep at night.  

Today I am thankful for my parents.

I am thankful for being blessed with knowledge for my business.

And I am thankful that I have a million things to be thankful for.

What are YOU thankful for?